Elspeth Huxley: The flame trees of Thika; memories of an African Childhood

Elspeth Huxley 1959

pages 378

I am going round in the second hand shop seeing books in there. I read the interviews on backside, glance over texts of  books and I found a book: The flame trees of Thika. That named TV-series have been years ago, I remember, but ihaven't ever saw it.  I round and round the book, see a prize, read little bit here and little bit there. This book seems to  been very interesting, I think, but I don't buy it in that time. Anyway, the book is in my mind. I can't forget it and I return over and over again back in that shop, stil one day I must buy the book.

What I could think about this book after I read it, does it good? Well, it was little bit peculiar, some kind memories of little child about life in Africa, but doesn't  told  very much child's life but her parents, neighbours in time at eve of First World War, at bohemian time.

This book doesn't been bad but not even very great book.