Jane of Lantern Hill (1937)

So long time I'm not enjoy about reading as now, when I read this book. So fashinating, colourful telling and describing is very interesting. The book is full of description about people, places, nature, cooking - everything, but happenings where are not so much. Anyway there happen very much inside peoples mind.  The book not be boring because the whole world of joy, happines, sad, secret and feels open in your sight. 

The book tells about11 aged girl Jane Victoria. She lives in Toronto with aristocrathic grandma, aunt and lovely ma since there arrived a letter and Jane travel in to Island of Prince Edvard to meet her unknow father. This journey change Jane's life completely. Grandma's gothic house get to counterbalance beautiful country cottage with couple of extraordinering people around in there. Only Aunt Irene is a thorn in Jane's side.

L.M.Montgomery is my favour writer and I love her Anne and Emily books. This story about Jane Victoria is good addenda in her production.

The genealogy of Jane Victorias is difficult to me. It takes little bit time to find a point who is who, but when this became clear I had great and fashinating quiet read. In finnis this story are puplished by two part, and I read only first, so now I must find part second, Where? I don't know, but somehow, somewhere I must to find it. So interesting this story is.

Romantic, mystic story. I recommending.