Patricia Wentworth

Poison in the pen

 I have an idea who's to blame, but I'm not sure, it has been so long time ago when I have read this story earlier and I like read it again. I like Miss Silver stories. Their are quite similar as Agatha Christie's Miss Marple stories. Both, MIss Silver as Miss Marple are old maid aunts, their like about knitting and testing their brain activity. Their both have talent to see what are in the behind of manners and gestures.

This story begining when Miss Silver's nephew Frank Abbot comes and have nice cup of tea with Miss Silver. After a small talk he tells how one lady  in the Tilling Greene have received nameless letters. Miss Silver travel in to this little village, rent a room and solve that there are something really bad in the village.

Narration is fluent and interesting. Anyway, in the end, when decision comes close the last clue is given as a porridge plate on the table. As reader I like test my intelligence, too easier solution doesn't good, even doesn't too complicated.

If you like read Agatha Christie you probably like read also Wentworht's stories. After all Miss Silver's investigations are comfortable pastime, assured detective stuff.